Based in Staffordshire, 'The Potteries', a region famous for its ceramics industry Sally Fitchard graduated in studio ceramics nearly thirty years ago but only returned to clay in January 2019.

​In that time however what has emerged is a body of intelligible work that never strays far from the figurative, some more abstracted than others but at their core human, in form, gesture and expression.

Not unlike a writer and their use of emotive language she is a sculptor drawing on the properties of clay to create a visual language that is beautiful, curious and relatable.

“Heads and faces are so powerful, so diverse, so animated and absolutely critical in our navigation of complex forms of language with one another. It’s noisy out there! We have a lot to take in and respond to. Figurative sculpture enables me to explore some of this and it’s exciting. Every unique combination of form and gesture resurfacing through the clay, and maybe not that ironically for a lone activity, increasingly tethering me to a far-reaching sense of place and belonging.”


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