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Pocket Plotters

Pocket Plotters


H165mm x W110mm x D70mm.

H150mm x W93mm x D80mm. 800g.


These two are a dastardly pair indeed, plotting, conniving, contriving. You might just catch a glimpse of them, faded figures stepping out from the shadows, or maybe you hear fleeting, quickened footsteps that quickly fade into the night.

Modelled in a mix of slightly gritty sanded buff and smooth modelling clay bodies these two come with a warning dash of red coloured porcelain slip and smokey, scratchy faces.


  • Returns and Refunds

    A full refund can be arranged upon notification request within 14 days of receipt of your purchase and safe return of such purchase, in its original condition and in its original packaging.

    Please note the customer is responsible for the safe return and delivery cost of any purchase to be returned.

  • Shipping Information

    UK Delivery

    Shipping calculated by weight at the checkout. Pocket Plotters £12.

    International Shipping

    For International shipping please contact me at to advise.

    Please note customers outside of the UK would be responsible for additional export and handling charge costs within respective country.

  • Use

    For Decorative Use Only.

  • Certificate of Authenticity

    Each sculpture is an original and unique piece of work and comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Each certificate is personally signed and dated by myself the artist and details the name, size, medium and year the sculpture was completed.

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